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World Class Nuclear Physics Facilities : Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine

Our laboratory was established as the Center of Biochemical Research and Education and Tracer Information Analytics. We are active in a wide range of areas from research and development to clinical application and international education.

Firstly we have the Research Center for Nuclear Physics, equipped with the world-class accelerator allowing to produce medical radioisotopes with the highest precision including alpha emitters for internal radiation therapy. We also collaborate with engineers and have developed new innovative hardwares, such as integrated PET/MR and Si-PM PET detectors.

We have performed many translational preclinical researches in the affiliated Medical Imaging Center for Translational Research, such as response evaluation of new regenerative therapy, PET imaging of immune system in the brain, quantitative PET evaluation of the brain and tumor hypoxia and development of new PET tracers,

In the university hospital, we have also performed many advanced types of clinical research using research dedicated scanners, such as tumor specific PET imaging and micro-dose PET for the new drug development. We also put emphasis on the safe and stable production of the PET tracers in GMP quality as well as setting up the environment for 1st in human clinical trials.

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