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What is Gradient? (Vector Calculus through animation). by Moein

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Learn Calculus through animation. The course includes videos explanation with plenty of solved tutorials to help you in exam. Join me here and do it in a quick and easy way. It covers the below list of topics:

Introduction to integration
Important formulas of integration
Definite integral equations
Indefinite integral equations
U-substitution method
Integration by parts
Introduction to differentiation
Linear differential equations
Bernoulli’s differential equations
Exact differential equations
Homogeneous differential equations
Non homogeneous differential equations
Mixima & Minima differential equations
Separable differential equations
Partial differential equations
Unit normal vector
Directional derivative
Line integral
Surface integral
Green’s Theorem
Stoke’s Theorem
Gauss-Divergence Theorem
Langrange’s Mean Value Theorem
Newton Raphson Method
Newton’s Difference Interpolation Method [Finite-Difference Calculus]
Newton’s Forward Difference Interpolation Method
Newton’s Backward Difference Interpolation Method
Newton’s Central Difference Interpolation Method
Runge-Kutta Method
Taylor Series
Maclaurin Series
Fourier Series
Laplace Transform
Inverse Laplace Transform

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