STEM Lessons for College Students


This precalculus video tutorial explains the basics of vectors. It contains plenty of examples and practice problems of vector operations such as addition, subtraction and scalar multiplication as well as finding the magnitude and direction angle of the resultant force vector. This video is useful for high school and college students taking vectors in precalculus, calculus, physics, or trigonometry.

Here is a list of topics:
1. Basic Introduction into Vectors
2. Scalar vs Vector Quantity
3. Scalar Quantities – Mass, Temperature, and Speed
4. Vector Quantities – Velocity, Acceleration, and Force
5. Writing a Vector In Component Form Given Initial and Terminal Point
6. Directed Line Segments and Vectors
7. Scalar Multiplication of Vectors
8. How To Find The Magnitude of a Vector – Absolute Value or Hypotenuse of Right Triangle
9. Using Right Triangle Trigonometry to Describe Vectors
10. Magnitude and Direction Angle of Resultant Vector
11. I and J Unit Vectors
12. Unit Vector Formula –
13. Horizontal and Vertical Components
14. Representing Vectors in Rectangular Coordinates and Finding Its Magnitude
15. Vectors In a Rectangular Coordinate System
16. Operations With Vectors in Terms of i and j
17. Adding and Subtracting Vectors
18. Writing a Vector in terms of i and j given magnitude and angle
19. Finding The Direction Angle From The Positive X Axis
20. Adding Vectors Graphically – Head to Tail Method
21. Subtracting Vectors – Graphical Method
22. Vector Notation – 3d – with 3 components
23. How to find the unit vector that has the same direction as the vector v.
24. Position Vector – initial and terminal point
25. Vector Maths – Basic Operations in two dimensions

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