STEM Lessons for College Students

Vector Calculus and Its Discontents

Hi friends! 🙂

Dr. Brad here with a new talk on vector calculus. This talk is meant as a review for students taking calculus III (or whatever the vector calculus analog at your school happens to be).


  1. Review of vectors.
  2. Planes.
  3. Lines.
  4. Applications of vectors from a model submarine.
  5. Line integral of a vector field.
  6. Conservative vector fields.
  7. The Biot-Savart Law.
  8. Surface integrals of vector fields (flux integrals).
  9. Gradient, Laplacian, Divergence, and Curl.
  10. The Divergence Theorem.
  11. Stokes’s Theorem.
  12. Wrap-Up

I hope you find this talk helpful friends!

Keep a stiff upper lip and carry on. The end of the semester will be here soon enough! 😀

All the best friends,

-Dr. Brad 🙂

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