Unit of measurement

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Definition of Unit of Measurement
Unit of Measurement is a standard quantity used in measurement. (plz check this definition)
More about Unit of Measurement
Different units are used to measure a quantity in different measurement systems.
Examples of Unit of Measurement
Mile is used as a unit to measure the distance.
Liter is used as a unit to measure the capacity of something.
Kilogram is used as a unit to measure the weight.
Solved Example on Unit of Measurement
Which one of these units would you use to measure the length of a handbag?
A. centimeters
B. pounds
C. miles
D. cups
Correct Answer: A
Step 1: Pounds is a measure of weight, cups is a measure of volume.
Step 2: Miles is a unit of distance or length, but it is too big to measure a handbag.
Step 3: The appropriate unit to measure the length of a handbag is ‘centimeters’.

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