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trigonometry class 10th chapter 8 t-ratios of some complementary angles

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In this video i have explained T-ratios of some complementary angles. In the previous video there is detailed explanation of how to make trigonometry table in 1 minute. This video contains some problems related to the topic. This video also contains some basic questions which are very easy and scoring from exam point of view. This video has detailed explanation of how to solve these questions in fraction of seconds. This video also describes the mistakes done by the students while attempting the questions.

All following answers on trigonometry explained in this videos
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trigonometry part-1 basic introduction T-ratios
trigonometry T-ratios Part-2
Trigonometry T-ratios Part-3
Trigonometry T-ratios Part-4

Trigonometry how to make trigonometry table in 1 min
Trigonometry T-ratios of some specific angles part-2
Trigonometry T-ratios of some specific angles part-3

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