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Trigonometric Integrals – Even Powers, Trig Identities, U-Substitution, Integration By Parts – Calcu

This calculus video tutorial explains how to find the integral of trigonometric functions containing odd and even powers using trig identities and techniques such as u-substitution and integration by parts. This video contains plenty of examples and practice problems.

Here is a list of topics:
1. Trigonometric Integrals – sine, cosine, tangent and secant functions
2. Trig Identities – sin, cos, tan and secant
3. Double Angle Identities, Half Angle Identities and Power Reducing Formulas
4. Integral of Cos^3x, sin^2x, cos^6x, cos^2(3x) and sin^4(x)
5. Trigonometric Identities
6. Techniques of Integration – U-substitution and Integration by parts
7. Even and Odd Powers
8. Indefinite Trigonometric Integrals
9. Antiderivatives and Integral of sin^3(x) cos^2(x), sin^5(x) cos^2(x), sin^5(x) cos^3(x), sin^2(x) cos^2(x), cos^2(x) tan^3(x), (1-sinx) / cosx
10. Integral of sec^3x, tan^4x, secx, tanx, tan^2x, tan^4x, sec^4x,sec^6x, tan^3x.
11. Trigonometric Integral of sec^2(x)tan(x), csc^4(x)cot^6(x), tan^6(x) sec^4(x), sin(4x)cos(5x) and sin(5x)sin(2x)
12. Product to Sum Trigonometric Identities

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