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Tom Campbell: Solving the “Hard Problem” of Physics and Consciousness

Stephen Hawking is seeking “one simple equation” to bridge Quantum Mechanics and Relativity; The Grand Unified Theory.

Tom Campbell, physicist, proposes a simple identity; R=I. Reality equals Information.

Tom derived a Big Theory of Everything in his book MY Big TOE.

Tom Campbell states,”The ‘Hard Problems’ of physics exist because of the lack of understanding of our reality.”

The idea that our reality is a virtual reality (a computed simulation) is slowly gaining acceptance among mainstream physicists, but logic says that a computed simulation can not compute itself.

The leap forward required, however, to continue on with the findings that our beginning started in what Edward Fredkin refers to as “other” (non-physical) somehow continues to stop short of the goal.

Here’s why according to Tom Campbell:

“Consciousness has nothing to do with the physical process.”

Tom on his theory: “There are about 20 or so fundamental “hard problems” (unresolvable paradoxes) in science (experiment based), and many more in philosophy, metaphysics, and philosophy…some are new, most have been around for many decades, and others are millennia old. MBT theory solves all of them without adding any new assumptions or hard problems.” Tom’s website Events site for Tom

Interview and comments by Donna Aveni

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