The Most Powerful ANCIENT MANIFESTATION Technique For FAST RESULTS | The Law of Attraction

The Most Powerful ANCIENT MANIFESTATION Technique For FAST RESULTS | The Law of Attraction

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In this video I talk about ancient manifestation technique for the law of attraction. Everything is energy. We just have forgot this and now we get stuck in the physical plane of life, and it blocks the law of attraction.

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This ancient manifestation secret is going to help you manifest anything that you want. This is ancient teachings. These things have been around, they’re hidden and we are told this, and this is the secret. This is the key to attract the things that you want in life and to just live your best life. This is Jake [inaudible], Jake let’s dive right into this video. So I just started doing Chigong. I’ve only done two sessions and I, I’ve been working with with some someone privately and what I’ve gathered so far from it is it’s about energy. Before we even began the practice, he was like, you know, um, everything in the universe is energy. This counters energy. If you look under powerful enough microscope, you’ll see your finger is actually moving. It’s always vibrating. And a, and I was like, I, this is the same stuff we talked about on this channel here.

And then it got me thinking, what does it say in the Bible that first was the word or the word of God. What is that? That’s consciousness. That’s intention. Intention is a force in the universe. Intention is how you direct your energy using your consciousness because that’s all you are. You’re just an energy field. You use consciousness, the word of God in order to direct your imagination into tangible reality. G Gong, Tai Chi, all these practices, Yoga, all these things, every religion, it always points back to either a blatantly or indirectly using, you know, metaphors such as the word of God, but it’s all pointing back to everything being energy. And now you know, science even shows us that everything is energy. That 95 to 99% of an atom is empty space is nonphysical intelligence. Anything, whether it’s a wall, whether it’s a finger, whether it’s a car, a hundred dollar bill, if you look under it with a powerful enough microscope, what science bound is that?

It’s just energy. We used to believe in the Newtonian model of physics, which was that we lived in a physical world. Everything was physical energy was like a side effect of the physical. Albert Einstein comes along, you know, and he says, that equals MC squared that’s killing us. That energy and matter are one in the same. Now we know everything is energy, but ancient traditions have always known this ancient traditions, ancient, uh, whether it’s religions or spirituality or ancient practices like ci, Gong, Tai Chi, acupuncture, yoga, and if there’s other, if there’s tons of other things I’m missing. Comment down. Other, other threads you’ve seen, you know, forever. I mean, you look at the pyramids, like those are obviously supposed to be, the pyramid is supposed to be a geometric shape that’s a, that’s an energy center or an energy vortex forever. We known that everything is energy.

But as the industrial, as industry has continued to evolve in human civilization has continued to evolve. We’ve went, you know, obviously more and more into cities and metropolitan things, everything’s, and then as time’s gone on, more and more, so much of society has been directed towards the accumulation of physical objects and physical things. So our consciousness and our intention, our energy has been slowly but surely program just into the physical. It’s been programmed just into the physical. We’ve went from, uh, you know, spiritually knowing and experiencing the universe to debating it intellectually, arguing with each other over dogmas. Everything’s been directed so much to the physical realm. We were were we get, we seek our validation and identity added. The cumulation of physical objects were taught. We need to buy more things to fill the holes inside of us. For so long, consciousness has been conditioned to the physical realm, but that didn’t use to be like that.

It used to be ancient secrets and traditions and all these religions and energy systems and all these things. They all kind of had a central theme which was that like what the world that has seen isn’t the whole world. This physical world is in the whole world and that everything is energy. Everything is God. Everything is spirit. Everything is consciousness. Everything is vibration. Everything is energy, so what is that telling you about manifesting will? If everything is energy, then you’re already one with everything that you want and it already exists, but our belief in separation from it is what denies you from attracting it and experiencing it in your life.


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