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So these are some of my personal favourite textbooks I’ve used in the first couple of years of my physics degree 😊 Like I said, I’d recommend buying them from ebay (I normally manage to find them for less than ~£25) or just borrowing them from the library / other students, but I’ll leave amazon links below if you’d like to take a look:

University Physics with Modern Physics | Young & Freedman

Introduction to Electrodynamics | Griffiths

Mathematical Methods for Physics and Engineering | Riley, Hobson & Bence

Introduction to Quantum Mechanics | Griffiths

Concepts in Thermal Physics | Blundell & Blundell
https://amzn.to/2MfBqex (this isn’t a bad price new!)

C++ Primer | Lippman, Lajoie & Moo

The Cambridge Handbook of Physics Formulas | Woan

Women in Science | Ignotofsky

*Please note that these are all affiliate links, which means that if you do choose to follow them and buy something I get a small percentage of the profit that would normally go to amazon at no extra cost to you, which (if enough people use the links) I can claim back as an amazon voucher and use for things for this channel (like better lighting!). If you’d rather not contribute, that’s completely okay! But if you do, please know I am really grateful 😊

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