Surviving on $50 per week shopping at Whole Foods! Healthy – Organic – Inexpensive

I also use amazon prime. Students get half off (It actually pays for itself no joke!) with .edu email. Here is 6-months free of Prime for students

I am showing students how they can save tons of money on groceries while eating healthy.

You don’t necessarily need to be a pro chef either i.e. simple meals go along way, and a few cooking tips will help you maximize flavor!

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I did my shopping at the Whole Foods in Madison, WI on University Ave. Sometimes I shop at Capitol Centre foods too on Mifflin St.

I suppose that this would help a lot of students that are local at the university of Wisconsin especially because my produce costs are cut in half during the dane county farmers market!

Let me know what you all think. I love to cook, do math and write novels. I am toying with some extra styles of videos on my channels.

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