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Simplifying radical expressions 11

In this video (and other videos in this playlist) you will learn and practice different possible examples in simplifying square roots (radicals) and also learn how to add or subtract, multiply and divide the expressions that have square roots or radicals. Leave me a comment if you did not learn any part of it. Please like it and share it to your friends if it is helpful to you. Subscribe:

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Physics: Electricity, Magnetic, Thermodynamics, Mechanics, Newton
Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, and analytical chemistry including topics such as spectrometry, spectroscopy, chromatography, naming chemicals, naming organic compounds, reactions of organic compounds, limiting reactants and excess reactants, exothermic and endothermic reactions, electrochemistry, electrochemical cells, acids and bases, buffer, buffer calculation, pH calculation, pOH Calculation, acidity and alkalinity, solution chemistry, enthalpy, entropy, kinetic energy, potential energy, energy loss, stoichiometry, enthalpy of reaction , enthalpy of formation, catalyst, reactor, reaction, chemical reaction, gases, boyle’s law, charles law, number of moles, moles concept, definition of moles, kilomoles, ratio of moles, temperature, pressure, atmospheric pressure, vacuum, fahrenheit, celcius, kelvin, rankin, strong acid, weak acids, strong bases, weak bases, neutral solutions, solute, solvent, dissociation, reversible and irreversible reactions, gibbs energy, solubility, ksp, slightly soluble, highly soluble, completely soluble, initial concentration, molar concentration, molarity, molality, ppm, ppb, ppt, kilogram, gram, kilometer, litre, cubic meter, mmHg, bar, pascal

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