Short Trick – Eigen values & Eigen vectors | Matrices (Linear Algebra)

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Eigenvalues and EigenVectors? Eigen values and Eigen Vectors?
Online Mathematics topic Matrices solutions & Short Tricks in hindi language.

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Online Mathematics solution for Eigen values and Eigen Vectors with solved example in hindi language by GP Sir for 10th, 12th and Engineering math subject.

This video lecture is an introduction to ” Eigen values & Eigen vectors ” which is an easy & interesting topic from Matrices. This will help many Engineering and Basic Science students to understand the following topic of Engineering-Mathematics. The points which are covered in this video tutorial are:-

  1. Definition of Eigen Values & Eigen Vectors?
  2. What is the characteristic matrix?
  3. What is characteristic polynomial?
  4. What is the characteristic equation?
  5. What are Eigen values / characteristic root / latent values?
  6. What is an Eigen-Vector?
  7. Example on How to find out Eigen values & Eigen vectors?
  8. Verifying Eigen values & Eigen Vector.
  9. Finding Rank of a matrix by seeing Eigen values.
  10. A trick on how to check which Eigen vector corresponds to which value.

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