SCI-FI AUDIO BOOK – “A Thousand Degrees Below Zero” by Murray Leinster

This is a Public Domain recording of the Science Fiction story “A Thousand Degrees Below Zero” by Murray Leinster (1896 – 1975). It is from the year 1919.

I took the Public Domain recording on Librivox that was read by Phil Chenevert, a pretty well-known reader at Librivox, and deleted small amounts, mostly the parts that advertise Librivox. Then I took Public Domain pictures associated with the files on Librivox and altered them so they were the dimensions of a small computer screen (640X480 pixels) and would import and be visible in the video, but would not be very big. Then I took the audio files and imported them in an audio program that would change the files so I could attach them to this video. I had to convert each audio file individually, and arrange the pictures and the audio so they would play with both visual and audio breaks so it would be obvious where the chapters are. And then I converted it all into a video file that you can listen to without needing to see the video. The video portion is supposed to be set to a slow frame rate since it mostly does not change. It might be blurry but it does not matter since it is a book being read to you.

I have not tried this before, so I hope you tell me what you think!!!

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