River Boat Problem – Kinematics (L-25) | Physics by Varun Sir | JEE Advanced/Main

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✿ IIT JEE Preparation (Class 11 & 13):
02:00 PM – Physics by Varun Sir
03:00 PM – Chemistry by DN Sir
04:00 PM – Maths by Vishnu Sir

✿ IIT JEE Preparation (Class 12 & 13):
05:00 PM – Chemistry by Vivek Sir
06:00 PM – Maths by Dangi Sir
07:00 PM – Physics by Raj Sir

✿ Hindi Medium – IIT-JEE Preparation (Class 12th & 13th):
04:00 PM – Chemistry by Vivek Sir
04:40 PM – Physics by Varun Sir
05:20 PM – Maths by Vishnu Sir

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Hello friends,
Welcome to wifistudy JEE YouTube channel. In this video lecture, Varun Sir will teach you Projectile Motion (Kinematics) for your IIT JEE Exam Preparation. Get your preparation boosted for Projectile Motion in Physics.

Topics covered:
👉 What is the equation of projectile motion?
👉 What are the three types of projectile motion?
👉 What are the 2 components of projectile motion?
👉 What affects projectile motion?

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