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Relativity Made Easy: How To Calculate Time Dilation With Real World (Galactic?) Examples!

If this concept is completely NEW to you, you’re in for a MAJOR treat. I envy the start of your cosmic journey, an event that will certainly alter your worldview towards a deep, mind-expanding bliss.

This video (my 1st!) briefly & intuitively explores Einstein’s time dilation, with an emphasis of explaining REAL WORLD example problems step-by-step from scales small(ish) to galactic, by applying a simple algebraic formula. This true & tested method has opened students, knowledge-seekers, and millions more into our extraordinary reality. I use simple and true-to-scale example problems to present Einstein’s mind-blowing theory in the most relatable way I can. Hopefully, these concepts are followed by an “AH-HA! Everything clicked” moment, where crystal clear mental clarity overcomes all else, and the satisfaction of understanding a key concept of reality becomes a euphoric experience. In the video, I also briefly dig into length contraction and the Lorentz factor to provide further resources for your Relativistic toolbox!

By the end of the video, you should be able to calculate real-world time dilation problems and gain a deeply satisfying understanding of Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity, along with elevated insight about the incredible reality our human species often sadly takes for granted.

My mission is to inspire upcoming physicists and average, curious folks with a burning desire to gain a deeper perspective & understanding by presenting “complex” concepts in a down-to-earth manner by applying concepts & theories to real-world examples. I believe in satiating scientific curiosity using facts and an unbiased deliverance to gain clarity and purpose through knowledge.

As I love to say: the real answer to our mysterious reality is unfathomably more complex and breath-taking than anything humans can possibly imaginable. I hope you’re sporting a dense thinking-cap and an open mind during this video, as underprepared individuals have been known to be excruciatingly mind-blown, and in rare cases, total personality transformations have been known to occur! 😛 So come packed to this video with an open mind and a respect for the natural universe we are lucky to be living in.

Mastered Everything In This Video? Looking For The Next Step?

Once you’ve mastered this video, topics to research include General Relativity (relativistic effects INCLUDING gravity & acceleration, unlike special relativity which focuses on the “SPECIAL” case of constant velocity and no gravity.), blackholes & singularities, the inflationary model, the cosmological constant, deriving Einstein’s field equations, vacuum energy density, and possibly even dabbing into spooky quantum mechanics if being insanely perplexed doesn’t bother you (Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, QFD, QCD, Quantum entanglement, etc)!

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