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Queen’s University Physics genius James Stewart Bell

Here I am at Queen’s University walking along paths that I haven’t walked on for 40 years. It does feel strange.
Here is the Blue Plaque tribute to Physics genius James Stewart Bell FRS.
John Stewart Bell FRS (28 June 1928 – 1 October 1990) was a Northern Irish physicist, and the originator of Bell’s theorem, an important theorem in quantum physics regarding hidden variable theories.
Born John Stewart Bell
28 June 1928
Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK
Died 1 October 1990 (aged 62)
Geneva, Switzerland
Institutions Atomic Energy Research Establishment
CERN, Stanford University
Alma mater Queen’s University of Belfast (B.S.)
University of Birmingham (Ph.D.)
Thesis i. Time reversal in field theory, ii. Some functional methods in field theory. (1956)
Known for Bell’s theorem
Bell state
Chiral anomaly
Bell’s spaceship paradox
Quantum entanglement
Notable awards Heineman Prize (1989)
Hughes Medal (1989)
Paul Dirac Medal and Prize (1988)

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