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Pythagorean Theorem/Distance Formula (Math Rap)

In this Math Rap, review how to use the Distance Formula/Pythagorean Theorem to find the length of a line.

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Instrumental via Pond5

🎶 Lyrics 🎶

Pythagorean Theorem/Distance Formula (Math Rap)
Written by Mike Wilson

Need to find the distance of a line
Make a right triangle
Add two sides

[Right Triangle]
Don’t you see what it do?
That line’s a hypotenuse
With a horizontal and vertical side that came out the blue
Horizontal leg x2 minus x1
Vertical leg y2 minus y1
Bam, right triangle
Holla at Py-tha-GO-RON

[Pythagorean Theorem]
I mean Pythagorean I know you prolly seen it
The equation is so old, Should be inside a museum
Two legs, call them A and B
Join together at 90 degrees
Opposite the corner, hypotenuse
Usually gets a C
So a2 + b2 = c2
See there’s Pythagoras
a2 + b2 = c2
See there’s Pythagoras

[How To Use Pythagorean Theorem]
Now we use the known
To solve for the unknown
Algebra the problem
Until we done-zo
Plug in A and B
Then we find the squares
Then we sum them up
But C squared is still there
On the other side of the sign
So square root on both sides
Power 2 goes FireFly
And the C gets simplified
And I’m out!

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