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Physics Webinar on Urbanpro | Motion in a Straight Line

Here is a webinar organized by Urbanpro and hosted by me for students across the country. FOR ONLINE TUTORIALS FROM ME: Please write to

Please also indicate:
(a) Your class (11th, 12th, High School etc.)
(b) Preferred time slot for tutorial
(C) Your location (e.g. San Francisco, USA)



Physics for class 11 and 12 is a significant step-up from class 10. Rushing into understanding topics like circular motion, electricity, “moment of inertia” etc. can leave a student disinterested in the subject over a period of time.

“The Science Cube” has come about from my experience of teaching over the years and how intricate topics like “integral calculus”, vectors, Newton’s laws of motion etc. are absorbed by young students.

I really hope that this channel can make the students appreciate the subject and help them ace their exams.

Who can use:
Class 11 and 12 students (CBSE, ICSE, NCERT)
IIT-JEE Preparation (JEE Main and JEE advanced)
Advanced Placement (AP Physics)
Subject SAT

Vishesh Nigam

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