Physics Programme at Azim Premji University

Jayanth V, Faculty, Azim Premji Univ : “Students finishing the 12th grade, come in with a lot of ritualistic content knowledge in Physics. We begin by providing them a neat, logical and a systematic structure to what they have already learnt and then develop from there.”

Our courses are rigorous. We have accomplished and committed faculty teaching them.

The emphasis is on both
-Theory and Experiments
-Mathematical correctness and Physical intuition
-Formulations and Applications

The classrooms at Azim Premji University are quite interactive. Students have the opportunity to rediscover the classic scientific discoveries. We take into account that not all students come with the same background and their needs will be accordingly different. And hence there is a lot of focus on individual attention.

By the end of their courses here, students will be

-Well versed and creative in their disciplinary knowledge
-Will have the necessary technical tools to develop it further
-Will be able to organise and communicate their ideas
-Most importantly the common curriculum equips them to appreciate their scientific expertise in the context of today’s society.

We prepare students to face the real life challenges through their disciplines.

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