Physics and Astronomy at the University of Leeds

Don’t just learn physics, do physics.

Here at Leeds, we believe in giving you the opportunity to become involved in interesting, inspiring and inspirational physics. So, we offer you a number of ways during your degree to get involved in real physics and solve real problems.

All Leeds physics students do a project in their final year, working with one of our research groups. Many of our students have their project work published.

Our group industrial project optional module gives you the chance to investigate an application of physics in response to a real-life scientific problem set in an industrial, commercial or research context, making a real contribution to an industrial client.

Through our summer research placements, you could join one of our research groups. You’d work alongside physics academics for a period of eight weeks, be paid a salary, and contribute to real research projects.

At Leeds, our students don’t just learn physics. They do physics.


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