Physics 101: Rockets don’t work in vacuum of space. (read the info in description box)

According to NASA itself, Newton’s third law of motion states as: “When object A applies a force on object B, then object B will apply a force on object A, with the same magnitude, but in the opposite direction.”

If rocket is our object A, what is our object B in the ultra deep vacuum of space?

Some say “the gases that exit the rocket exhaust are object B”. They don’t paying any attention to the fact that the ultra deep vacuum of space will suck away all that gas and in no time, there will be no gas left to be counted as “object B” 😀 lol

Some say: “Vacuum doesn’t suck”. I tell them to go back to watching youporn, this is not for you 😉

Videos about rocket generating thrust in vacuum chambers?

Rocket exhaust will fill up the small vacuum chamber in no time and you don’t have a vacuum chamber anymore 😀

My name?

My name is “I’m not selling you anything and you are not paying for anything. You like what you see? Then cool. You don’t like it? Move along …”

Actual 3rd law of motion:
NASA’s confession on the actual 3rd law of motion:

Stuff you need to see:


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