Percentage Word Problems

This math video tutorial focuses on percentage word problems , percent change formula, percent increase and decrease as well as how to convert a decimal to a fraction. This video contains plenty of notes, equations, examples and practice problems for you to work including percentage base word problems.

Here is a list of topics:
1. Percent Change Formula
2. How To Calculate the Percent Increase and Decrease
3. Converting a Percent to a Decimal
4. Is of Percent Relationships- What is a percent of a number
5. What is 30 percent of 80?
6. How To Convert a Fraction into a Decimal Using Long Division
7. Fraction To Decimal – Simplified Method Made Easy
8. Mixed Fraction to Decimal
9. Decimal to Fraction Conversion
10. Solving Percentage Word Problems – Sales Tax, Percent Discount, Final Price vs Original & New Price


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