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Parametric Equations and Polar Coordinates: Problems Plus Examples

In this video I go over an extensive video on solving the very interesting and challenging “Problems Plus” examples at the end of my Stewart calculus chapter on Parametric Equations and Polar Coordinates. As explained in my #MESExperiments Introduction video, to free up time to work on my game-changing “alternative” research into free energy, anti-gravity, and all-around real science and real reality, I will be making more condensed and super long mathematics videos like these; instead of the usual short videos for each subsection. This way I will be able to cover more math topics while I upload less videos.

In this Problems Plus Examples video, I solve 7 very worth-while problems and they are listed below with their time-stamps to help you navigate through this giant video. These problems combine much of what I covered in my earlier videos on Polar and Parametric Calculus; but also calculus in general as these examples tie in many different mathematical concepts together to solve very abstract and useful problems. I hope you enjoy my new longer and condensed format of mathematical videos, and if you follow along for the ride you may in fact be getting a mathematical education that few if any “Schools” would or can provide! #MESUniversity

Question 1: @ 1:21 – Arc Length of Parametric Curve
Question 2: @ 10:40 – Sketching a Symmetric Curve
Question 3: @ 55:41 – Determining Viewing Rectangle of a Family of Polar Curves
Question 4: @ 1:23:55 – Spiraling Bugs in Polar Coordinates
Question 5: @ 1:55:29 – Folium of Descartes
Question 6: @ 3:21:07 – Epitrochoid and the Wankel Rotary Engine
Question 7: @ 4:23:50 – Hyperbola Tangent Lines and Equidistant Asymptote Lines

Stay tuned for my next super long math video!

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