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Thank you for considering me as you tutor. I have over 7-years of experience providing top-of-the-line service for hundreds of students taking college level mathematics and physics. I have created over 3,000 lessons via YouTube, written multiple books via Amazon, and am one of the top rated tutors in the country via WyzAnt If you work with me and follow my suggestions, you will surely get an A!

Feel free to text me directly via (608) 898-0016, or you can email me at or contact me at

I offer a free one-hour session so I can show you how awesome online tutoring really is!

I no longer tutor in-person i.e. I only tutor online via the Skype or WyzAnt platform. This is because it has proven to be more effective for students for the following reasons:

1) Being comfortable in one’s own home (no random distractions in coffee houses, kids on campus, …)

2) Not having to travel

3) Use of technology- students can easily record the session, take screen shots, … this way they can focus on paying attention and not scribbling notes.

4) Also, students do not need to write anything. These advanced topics will take a whole session to learn how to understand so there is not time to watch a student try and do something they have no idea how to do…. Then, I give practice exams outside of sessions that we grade together so the student can understand what it is like from the professors/TA’s point of view.

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P.S. I offer Calculus (all areas), Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Physics, Statistics, College Algebra, Trigonometry, PreCalculus, and some others.

1-hour: $100
2-hour: $150
Bulk Option: 10% off for 2-hours per week, and 20% of for 4-hours per week.

Contact Info: Ph (608) 898-0016, Email