Optimization Calculus Problems Minimizing Lengths READ DESCRIPTION

Examples: Minimizing Perimeter for Fixed Area 2:25
Distance from Point to Parabola Method 1 16:45
Distance from Point to Parabola Method 2 30:14
Minimizing Hypotenuse through a point Right Triangle 35:23
At minute 23:38 I should have started some scratch work on the side so it did not look like I forgot the radical. While I verbally said I was going to focus on minimizing the inside function to simplify my work, I should not have labelled this last line as d’. I am only finding the derivative of the inside function. If you minimize the inside function, you will minimize the distance. Focusing on just the inside function for this part of the problem minimizes the difficulty. A note about the end of the first example. Closest Point on Parabola is (3,f(3))
Relative Min for Distance is function is (3,4.123).

There are some annotations in this lesson so make sure you are using FLASH.

Optimization problems involving Volume

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