NYS Algebra 2 – Essential Skills Day #3 – Solving Radical Equations

Hey Everyone I hope you are enjoying OUR videos geared toward helping you not only PASS but KICK BUTT on the NYS Algebra 2 Common Core Regents Exam!!!

Please make sure that you are attempting all of these problems before you watch the videos. I did not spend hours and hours of my time making videos for you to just cheat and end up failing the regents. You need to put A LOT of practice into these problems in order to succeed.

If you use these videos and get a 100% on the Regents exam please email US at: nkinfinity2016@gmail.com so that I can add you to our HALL OF FAME page on my website.

Use this link to find all of my videos posted in a more organized format. http://www.nkinfinity.com

Please feel free to contact me if have any questions or comments. Please let me know if I have made any mistakes in any of my videos.

E-Mail us at: nkinfinity2016@gmail.com


Ms. Newman and Mr. Krause

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