NYS Algebra 1 [Common Core] January 2018 Regents Exam || Part 1 #’s 13-24 ANSWERS

Hello New York State Algebra 1 students! I hope you are learning and enjoying this regents review video to assist you in preparation for the regents exam.

Please make sure to complete the problems BEFORE you watch this video. The Algebra 1 regents is not an easy exam, but it can certainly be accomplished. Complete the problems first, then use this video for assistance and guidance. This is the only way to improve your score!

These videos, as well as content material for the Algebra 1 regents can be found at my website: www.nysmathregentsprep.com

If you have any questions, comments, or problems, or if I had made any mistakes in this video, please email me at tclark@nysmathregentsprep.com, or write in the comment section below.
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Thank you, and good luck on the Algebra 1 regents!

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