Newton’s First Law of Motion – Second & Third – Physics Practice Problems & Examples

This physics video tutorial explains the concept behind Newton’s First Law of motion as well as his second and third law of motion. This video contains plenty of examples and practice problems. This video is useful for high school and college students studying physics or for kids first learning newton’s 3 laws of motion.

Here is a list of topics on Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion:
1. Newton’s First Law of Motion – An object at rest will remain at rest unless acted on by an unbalanced force.
2. Second Part of Newton’s First Law of Motion – An object in motion will continue in motion unless acted on by a net force
3. The net force is zero when an object moves with constant velocity
4. Newton’s 1st Law of Motion Examples & Demonstrations – Ball rolling on a rough surface with friction such as a carpet vs a ball rolling on a smooth surface such as ice with very little kinetic friction.
5. Earth moves continually in space – lack of frictional forces
6. Newton’s Second Law of Motion – Force = Mass times acceleration
7. Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion – Force is proportional to mass and acceleration. Mass and acceleration are inversely related when the force applied is constant.
8. Newton’s Third Law of Motion – Action Reaction Pairs. For every action force, there is an equal but opposite reaction force.
9. Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion Examples – Astronaut throwing a ball in space. Fisherman throws a package out into see and experiences a recoil velocity.
10. Impulse equals force multiplied by time
11. Momentum – Mass in Motion. Momentum equals mass times velocity.
12. Scalar vs Vector Quantities – Magnitude and Direction
13. Impulse – Momentum Theorem
14. Variation of Newton’s Second Law of Motion – Force is the rate of change of momentum
15. Applied Force, Frictional Force, Normal Force vs Weight Force
16. How to calculate Final Velocity / Speed Using Acceleration
17. Acceleration is the rate of change of velocity
18. One Dimension Kinematics Formulas


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