Newtonian physics and practical demonstration VS Orbiting planets and gravity tethers

Isaac Newton..
“That … one body may act upon another at a distance through a vacuum, without the mediation of anything else, by and through which their action and force may be conveyed from one to another, is to me so great an absurdity, that I believe no man who has in philosophical matters a competent faculty of thinking, can ever fall into it.”

“You sometimes speak of gravity as essential and inherent to matter. Pray DO NOT ASCRIBE THAT NOTION TO ME, for the cause of gravity is what I do not pretend to know, and therefore would take more time to consider of it.”

The physics of a HAMMER throw, Discus and Shepherds sling..

Kilogram/mass –
The base unit of mass in the International System of Units. The hammer weight usually correlates with the shot put weights.

Acceleration –
A vector quantity that is defined as the rate at which an object changes its velocity

Force –
Energy as an attribute of a physical action or movement
The goal in the hammer spin is to accelerate with every turn and produce optimum force by the time of release.

Velocity –
The speed of something in a given direction
In order to achieve a greater velocity, the thrower must cover more distance in a shorter amount of time

Inertia –
A property of matter by which it continues in its existing state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line, unless that state is changed by an external force.
When the hammer is released it flies off in a tangent from where the thrower lets it go due to the principle of inertia

Newton’s Second Law –
Force equals mass times acceleration
A heavier hammer will require more force and acceleration than a lighter hammer to go just as far

Centripetal Force –
The force that acts inwards on any body that rotates and is directed towards the axis of rotation
Centripetal force applies to the throwers body as they rotate around their axis and how they maintain balance and acceleration despite their weight being spread out.

Centripetal Acceleration –
The acceleration toward the center that holds a satellite in elliptical orbit

Angular Momentum –
A vector quantity that represents the product of a body’s rotational inertia and rotational velocity about an axis
The tighter the thrower rotates, the faster their acceleration will be due to the principle of rotational inertia. Also, because the hammer has a larger radius, it will accelerate even faster than the body because it has more angular velocity. The thrower must deliberately speed up the footwork in order to keep up.

Revolution –
The movement of one object around a center or another object.
In the hammer throw, the thrower can do as many rotations as they can fit in the circle, however the average spins is 3 times. In this spin, the hammer makes approximately 5.5 revolutions around the thrower including the two wind ups before spinning.

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