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Newtonian Mechanics: Inclined Plane Analysis (EF)

In this video I show how to represent force vectors of a mass on an inclined plane. I explain how to decompose all the force vectors into parallel and perpendicular components to the plane. I present 3 ideal cases when we have a mass on a inclined plane:

Case 1: No Friction. The net force is given by the component of weight that is parallel to the plane and it is responsible…….

Case 2: Static & Kinetic Friction. I explain how to calculate the net force and determine if it exceeds the maximum static frictional force, which will then allow the body to accelerate. Once the static frictional force has been exceeded………….

Case 3: How to mathematically calculate the coefficient of kinetic friction after an experiment has been conducted. If the body moves down the inclined plane in uniform motion, the coefficient of kinetic friction can be found by implementing Newton’s first law of motion and it is given by……….

Calculator: Casio fx-300ES

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*Video available in Spanish.

EF: Error Free

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