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Newton in a Box – Unity Newtonian Physics

A short demonstration of an asset I am working on for the Unity Asset Store which simulates gravity using newton’s universal law of gravitation.

I set up a simple solar system simulation using this asset. Yes, I know the sun isn’t that big, yes I know it isn’t yellow either, and yes, I know that space isn’t blue. But those things look cool.

There have been some issues getting it to predict orbital paths correctly for rigidbodies which is why I have turned them off for now. It also yields some very crazy results when trying to render orbital paths for three of more astronomical bodies at a time. This is because of chaos, and the three body problem.

I hope to iron out these issues before releasing, but so far I have had loads of success getting this working properly. This is perfect for those who wish to add gravitational forces into their projects without complicated setup.

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