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My Second Year – Theoretical Physics, Lancaster University | alicedoesphysics

Hi! So I know I chatted about it a bit in the video – but I’m back, after being gone for a veeery long time (I’m so so sorry!). Like I said, there were a couple of reasons why I stopped – I didn’t have much time, I had a lot going on and wasn’t in a particularly great place, and also I didn’t really know where I was headed with this channel, particularly as the size it is (and I do know in youtube terms it’s still small, but for me it feels massive!) is fairly intimidating!

I’ve kind of come to the conclusion though that I’m going to make and upload videos, even if I’m not entirely happy with them, and instead of just trying to stick to one style of channel I’m just going to upload any videos I think would either be helpful or fun to make 😊 So, if you have anything you’d like me to make, please let me know! The kind of things I’m thinking of at the moment are summer vlogs, internship vlogs, videos about choosing a university, maybe another Lancaster Q&A if anyone has anymore questions? If I have time, I’d love to make some more physics videos too.

But anyway, I hope you are all either having a lovely summer or a nice relaxing end of term – and, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for sticking around xxx

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