Muffin Stories – Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein, who contributed to the peace of humankind through science, was born in Germany in 1879. There were always beautiful music sound and happiness in his family who loved literature and music.
When Hitler seized power by using Nazis, he began to catch and imprison Jews. Einstein was also a Jew so he had to leave Germany.
‘Alas! We are being persecuted just because we are Jews.’
At last Einstein went to the United States and lived there with the help of the Advanced Academic Research Center at Princeton in the country.
The Nazis started a war for the purpose of conquering the world in 1939. It was the Second World War in which Germany joined forces with Japan.
‘The Nazis are trying to make an atomic bomb.’
On hearing the news, Einstein sent a letter to the President of the United States.
“Mr. President, an atomic bomb is an extremely dangerous weapon. If Germany makes atomic bombs ahead of others, the world will became a terrible one. The United States government must make atomic bombs ahead of Germany.”
The terrible war struck terror into the whole world. Einstein was absorbed in research together with thousands of other scientists and technical specialists. At last he succeeded in making an atomic bomb in 1945. But Germany had already surrendered to the allies.
An atomic bomb was dropped on the city of Nagasaki in Japan, which was continuing the war. The bomb was extremely powerful. Its explosion resulted in the miserable death of about 300,000 people. But Einstein wasn’t happy at all.
Because many countries including the United States continued to make dreadful atomic bombs. Einstein appealed to the world.
“There should be no longer any war. It is important that countries trust countries and that people trust people.”
This remark made by Einstein who wished for peace moved the whole world.
Einstein closed his eyes quietly in a hospital in April 1955.


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