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Motion in One Dimension | Introduction | JEE Physics | Class 11

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Class 11 Physics – Motion in One Dimension
We have learnt about motion in our previous classes as well. We are surrounded by motion. Even the earth which seems stationary is in motion about its axis and around the sun. Motion can be in all 3 dimensions but first we’ll talk about motion in one dimension only. This is a type of motion where body can move only in one line in either direction, i.e. car moving on a road then braking and then moving in reverse direction is motion in one dimension. But car turning towards some other direction take it to more than one dimension. In this chapter we’ll learn
1. What is motion in one dimension?
2. Distance and displacement.
3. Speed and velocity.
4. How to plot graphs?
5. Relations between different parameters.
6. What is acceleration?
7. Equations of motion.
8. Deriving equations of motion.
9. Deriving equations of motion using graphs.
10. What is relative motion?
11. Equations an applications of relative motion.

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