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Motion in a Straight Line – Formula List and Important Points for Revision for JEE NEET and CBSE

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Physics – Revision – Class XI
Motion in a Straight Line – Formula List and Important Points

In this video, We will revise the topic Motion in a Straight Line.
First, I will discuss the basic definitions of velocity and acceleration. Then, I will go through the difference between average and instantaneous velocity and acceleration.
Next discussion will be on the equations of motion for constant acceleration.
v = u + at
s = ut + (1/2) at^2
v^2 – u^2 = 2as
s (nth) = u + (a/2)(2n – 1)
v (avg) = (v+u)/2
We will then revise the x-t, v-t and a-t graphs and discuss the special case of motion under the effect of gravity (How to find maximum height of ball thrown up, total time of flight etc.)
Lastly, I will tell you about some important questions and numericals which you need to revise before your examination.

VIDEO BY: Rohit Dahiya

(Class XI) for CBSE, JEE and NEET

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