Moscow PhysTech(Russia) vs Oxford University (UK). 4-year degree in Physics.

4-year University degree in Physics:
Moscow PhysTech(MIPT, Russia) and Oxford University (UK). Comparison of Degree Programs (Physics majors).
Pictures show the coursework that a student HAS TO DO to qualify for 4- year degree in Russian MIPT and in Oxford University. The 4- year degree of Oxford University is Master of Science, (MS Physics)/
The figures show the amount of instructional training given to students in Math, Physics and EECS on 4 year degree program in Physics. (EECS -Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)/
These 3D figures reflect the volume of Coursework that every student HAS TO DO to qualify for degree.
More information on comparison of Russian and Western Degree Programs can be found here:
”Russian Engineering and Science Schools on the American scale. How to evaluate Russian university degrees in Sciences and Engineering”
The book is available on
Also available on


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