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Math ASMR | Linear Algebra | Representing a System Linear Equations as a Matrix

Hiya, Happy 2019! ~
Warning In the spirit of ASMR, if you are sensitive to popping/sudden noises, this video does have some pops in the background that I couldn’t crop out . I’m sorry : ( … maybe skip this video for now if it bothers you. Since this isn’t intentionally a sleepy video, I thought I’d post the soft-spoken tutorial anyway 😀 We’ll get lots of practice with this stuff too. **
I promise an intentionally sleepy math video soon! (also working on the hum in my recent couple of videos. been trying different settings, thx for your patience ^.^)

This is a video for Linear Algebra introducing the idea of representing Linear Equations as a Matrix. We will work with these matrices to help us find solutions by using row operations, so this is a precursor to Row Echelon Form and Reduced REF.

if you want extra “sleepy” math, or are interested in other math topics, feel free to browse through my ever-growing playlists. Your girl Decaf is here to be your math buddy, so don’t hesitate to let me know if there’s any way I can support you in your math studies. Also, please don’t be shy to let me know if you catch me doing anything incorrectly–mistakes are bound to happen (: Take care! ❤️

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