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Lecture 9: Newtonian spacetime is curved! (International Winter School on Gravity and Light 2015)

As part of the world-wide celebrations of the 100th anniversary of Einstein’s theory of general relativity and the International Year of Light 2015:

Central lecture course by Frederic P Schuller (A thorough introduction to the theory of general relativity) introducing the mathematical and physical foundations of the theory in 24 self-contained lectures at the International Winter School on Gravity and Light in Linz/Austria.

The lectures develop the theory from first principles and aim at an audience ranging from ambitious undergraduate students to beginning PhD students in mathematics and physics.

Satellite Lectures (see other videos on this channel) by Bernard F Schutz (Gravitational Waves), Domenico Giulini (Canonical Formulation of Gravity), Marcus C Werner (Gravitational Lensing) and Valeria Pettorino (Cosmic Microwave Background) expand on the topics of this central lecture course and take students to the research frontier.

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