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Lecture 11 | Linear Algebra | Solutions of Non-Homogeneous System of Linear Equations | Mathematics

#simplifiedmaths #LinearAlgebra #SolutionsOfNonHomogeneousSystemOfLinearEquations #MathematicalScience #CSIRUGCNET This video contains consistency and non-consistency of Non-homogeneous system of Linear Equations.
CSIR UGC NET/JRF Paper Pattern



Linear Algebra

Lecture 1 Vector Space

Lecture 2 Vector Subspace

Lecture 3 Linear Independence/Dependence of Vectors

Lecture 4 Basis and Dimensions

Lecture 5 Examples of Basis and Dimensions

Lecture 6 Linear Transformation

Lecture 7 Linear Transformation

Lecture 8 Algebra of Matrices and Rank of a Matrix

Lecture 9 Rank of a Matrix using Echelon Form and Normal Form

Lecture 10 Solutions of Homogeneous System of Linear Equations

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