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Learn how to graph a linear inequality

Learn how to graph linear inequalities written in slope-intercept form. Linear inequalities are graphed the same way as linear equations, the only difference being that one side of the line that satisfies the inequality is shaded. Also broken line (dashes) is used when the linear inequality is ‘excluded’ (when less than or greater than is used) and a solid line is used when the inequality is ‘included’ (when greater than or equal to OR less than or equal to is used).

To graph a linear inequality in slope intercept form, we first plot the y-intercept and using the slope, we can determine the rise and the run of the required line and then be able to plot the next point from the y-intercept. We then draw a straight line passing through the two plotted points.

After the line representing the linear equation form of the linear inequality is drawn, we select a point either side of the line to determine which side of the line is true for the given inequality and then shade the side that satisfies the inequality.
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