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Kinematics 1D – Motion, Distance and Displacement | Class 11 Physics | IIT JEE Main & Advanced 2020

Hello Guys,

Welcome to yet another session of Online Paathshala. And today, Abhishek sir will start with a fresh new chapter – “KINEMATICS”.
topic – Kinematics in 1D (One Dimension).
In today’s JEE Physics LIVE class, Physics expert Abhishek Sir will teach about 1D motion, Position Vectors, Kinematic EquationsDistance and Displacement. Once the theory part is over, you will solve a number of questions based on the distance and displacement concept in Kinematics.

Check out today’s session pdf link here –

In this full JEE series of Kinematics, JEE Expert Abhishek Sir will cover the following topics one by one. Have a look at the list of JEE Kinematics topics that you are going to learn in the next couple of weeks!

  1. Kinematics in 1D
  2. Distance and Displacement
  3. Translatory Motion
  4. Trajectory
  5. 1D motion
  6. displacement
  7. velocity
  8. speed
  9. acceleration
  10. Motion in a straight line
  11. Motion under gravity
  12. Motion on Inclined plane
  13. Motion Diagram
  14. Acceleration Displacement
  15. Frame of reference
  16. Position-Time Graph
  17. Velocity Time Graph

Get ready to master JEE Kinematics chapter like never before, only with Abhishek Sir. Clarify your doubts and gain a competitive edge over other JEE aspirants.

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