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JEE Advanced Level solved questions and Chapter analysis of JEE Indefinite Integration from Calculus with Karthik Sir.

BYJU’s represent another video in the series of JEE Advanced. In this video we will be discussing about Indefinite Integration from Calculus section. Further, we will discuss about the number and types of questions came in previous year JEE papers followed by a rapid revision and questions. In the rapid revision we will discuss the important topics like :
1. Introduction of integration from differentiation point of view
2. Questions using Substitution method
3. Questions using Trigonometric Substitution
4. Questions using By parts rule
5. Questions using Partial fractions

Further, we will solve some problems which will give you insight on problem solving techniques used to solve Indefinite Integration questions. Questions from this chapter come directly in JEE Main examination but in Advanced this topic is combined with Definite Integration, Area under the curve and Differential Equations.

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