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INTEGRATION Shortcut Method:-Calculus Tricks

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INTEGRATION Shortcut Method
Imp topic for Integral calculus.

In earler part we discussed Integration by parts Shortcut and trick.
Here in this part We are trying to explain Concept of Formulas of integration Useful to solve integration easily and quickly.
There are various formulas of integration which help us to solve questions and examples quickly.
These are also helpful in uv rule of intgral Class 12 NCERT CBSE.
It is as fast as Tabular Integration.
This antiderivative formula is useful to solve Problem quickly.
It is silimar to integration by parts shortcut but only difference of formula trick.
These maths integration tricks are useful in IIT JEE mains and Advance.
these integral Calculus tricks save a lot of time in examination.

the definite integral is explained with examples.
This is best method to evaluate integrals
In this method, we will solve without using rules and basic formulas of integration.

it is explained in hindi and english.

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Definite Integration Shortcuts and Tricks
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