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Integral Calculus JEE Main | Area Under a Curve & Differential Equations Problems & Shortcut Methods

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In this session of 15 Days Sprint to JEE Main 2019, Mathematics Mastermind and Master Teacher & Co-Founder of Vedantu, Pulkit Jain Sir takes you through the crucial concepts of Integral Calculus IIT JEE Mathematics which is one of the most important topics for JEE Main Revision 2019. Learn the in and out of Integral Calculus IIT JEE Problems & Shortcut Tricks like never-before with the legendary Pulkit Sir.

This session will mainly be focused around the revision of Area Under the Curve & Differential Equation problems and solutions for JEE Mains in the last 15 days to JEE Main, as it is a very Important and also a scoring one in IIT JEE Main. In today’s session, Pulkit sir will talk about integral maths shortcut tricks for JEE Main 2019. Get a thorough clarification of all the concepts that entail in Differential Equations IIT JEE Maths.

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Learn to solve questions on Area Under the Curve and Integration of Integral Calculus for JEE Main in a detailed stepwise method. JEE Maths for Main becomes very easy if you are clear with all the basic concepts thoroughly.

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In this session, you will get to learn a plethora of integration problems & tricks of IIT JEE concepts along with Maths shortcut tips and Differential Equation Problem solving Tricks for JEE Mains as it will immensely help you to identify the pattern of questions. Learn how to manage your time in this last 15 days to JEE Main 2019 with a quick revision of Integration for IIT JEE.

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