HPS100 Lecture 09: Newtonian Worldview

What are the key characteristics of the Newtonian science?

00:30 Divine Newton
02:48 Newtonian Myths
04:18 The key elements of the Newtonian mosaic
05:40 Theology
09:22 Astrology
12:42 Homogeneity vs. Heterogeneity & Finite vs. Infinite
____ 13:18 Aristotelian Cosmology
____ 15:43 Newton’s 2nd Law
____ 16:31 Newton’s 1st Law
____ 17:12 Newton’s Law of Gravity
____ 20:54 Cartesian Cosmology
22:59 Habitual neglect of Cartesian Science
23:38 Plenism vs. Vacuism
____ 23:52 Aristotelian Physics
____ 25:58 Cartesian Physics
____ 26:27 Newtonian Physics
30:16 Action by Contact vs. Action at a Distance
____ 30:20 Cartesian Physics
____ 30:59 Newtonian Physics
34:22 Mechanicism vs. Dynamism
____ 39:05 Chemical Affinity
____ 40:33 Magnetic Force
____ 42:03 Vital Force
43:21 Dualism
45:50 HD Method
50:18 Summary

You can access all the slideshows here https://1drv.ms/f/s!Ah0oClIIIQL82HACQ_nHOzNdmUF6

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My name is Hakob Barseghyan. I teach history and philosophy of science at the IHPST, University of Toronto. It is my goal to help my students appreciate how fascinating both the history and philosophy of science are. HPS100 is my introductory course on history and philosophy of science; it is offered online in both Fall and Winter terms.

The course is funded by University of Toronto, Online Learning Strategies (http://onlinelearning.utoronto.ca/) and the Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology (http://www.hps.utoronto.ca/)

Watch in HD 1080 for the best quality.


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