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How to study Integral Calculus – Part 2 By Pulkit Sir | JEE Advanced 2019 | Vedantu JEE Aspire

Hello Vedans,
In this session, Pulkit sir have explained about most complex concepts in Integral Calculus and solved tricky problems. Stay tuned till the end of the video to make your concepts strong in calculus.
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We are back again with a smashing JEE Advanced Sessions & We are relaunching our Vedantu Aspire series 2019 for JEE aspirants. Join us and subscribe to our channel and learn the most difficult topics in Physics, chemistry, and maths in the easiest way.
What so special about our Aspire series?
-This rapid 5-week program by Vedantu Aspire series will provide you in a detailed topic revision of PCM subjects for JEE 2019
-Most difficult questions will be discussed and will be solved by our master teachers during the sessions
-Tricks and shortcuts to solve complex questions will be taught
-Questions from past year JEE exams will be solved on each subject and much more only on our Vedantu JEE Aspire program
Hurry up and stay tuned to our channel to make your learning easy.

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