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how to solve linear equations – Basic Algebra Concepts 21 (Hindi)

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To get amazing mathematical skills and overcome weaknesses you must watch all of the following parts

Basic Algebra Part 1: Coefficients Exponents/Powers base

Basic Algebra Part 2: Addition of Algebraic expressions

Basic Algebra Part 3: Subtraction in algebraic expressions

Basic Algebra Part 4: Addition and Subtraction

Basic Algebra Part 5: Multiplication in Algebra

Basic Algebra Part 6: Addition/Multiplication comparison

Basic Algebra Part 7: Brackets Multiplication in Algebra

Basic Algebra Part 8: BODMAS rule

Basic Algebra Part 9: Application of powers and exponents

Basic Algebra Part 10: How to make negative power positive

Basic Algebra Part 11: Division in algebra

Basic Algebra Part 12: Division in fractions

Basic Algebra Part 13: Cancel the terms/powers in division

Basic Algebra Part 14: Exponents/Powers of same bases

Basic Algebra Part 15: Examples of division in Algebra

Basic Algebra Part 16: LCM least common multiple

Basic Algebra Part 17: Addition of fractions using LCM

Basic Algebra Part 18: LCM in algebraic fractions

Basic Algebra Part 19: Examples of fractions addition subtraction lcm

Basic Algebra Part 20: LCM when variables are in the denominators

Basic Algebra Part 21: How to solve linear equation

Basic Algebra Part 22: How to find value of x

Basic Algebra Part 23: Solving equation by using properties

Basic Algebra Part 24: Solving 2 equations simultaneously

Basic Algebra Part 25: How to find point of intersection

Basic Algebra Part 26: Solution of 2 equations simultaneously another method

Basic Algebra Part 27: Simultaneously solution of equations

All lectures are prepared and published to help the students teachers and parents to get rid all of the common confusions and complications which we face plenty of times when we do mathematics of any level.
These lectures are very useful and beneficial for all the students from secondary to higher levels..
if you understand all of the lectures with maximum concentration you will never made any mistake in your solutions due to lack of concepts.. these videos are specially helpful to for those students who have lot of trouble in understanding mathematics.. these videos help them to improve themselves and they will be perform in mathematics like a brilliant and genius students.. these lectures have potential to convert math haters into math lovers.

Algebra (from Arabic “al-jabr”, literally meaning “reunion of broken parts”) is one of the broad parts of mathematics, together with number theory, geometry and analysis. In its most general form, algebra is the study of mathematical symbols and the rules for manipulating these symbols;it is a unifying thread of almost all of mathematics.
It includes everything from elementary equation solving to the study of abstractions such as groups, rings, and fields. The more basic parts of algebra are called elementary algebra; the more abstract parts are called abstract algebra or modern algebra. Elementary algebra is generally considered to be essential for any study of mathematics, science, or engineering, as well as such applications as medicine and economics. Abstract algebra is a major area in advanced mathematics, studied primarily by professional mathematicians.

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