How to rationalize a denominator | Exponents expressions and equations| Algebra I| Surds|Radicals

In this video I have shown you how to rationalize the denominator in an easy way.
Lets revise what we learnt in the previous video.
√a × √a =a
√ab = √a × √b
√(a/b) =√a/√b
These are the basic rules of solving Surds.

In order to rationalize the denominator, we need to get rid of all radicals that are in the denominator.
Step 1: Multiply numerator and denominator by a radical that will get rid of the radical in the denominator. …
Step 2: Make sure all radicals are simplified.
Step 3: Simplify the fraction if needed.

When the denominator is a binomial (two terms) the conjugate of the denominator has to be used to rationalize. To rationalize a radical expression, multiply the numerator and the denominator by the conjugate of the denominator. The conjugate of a binomial is obtained by changing the middle sign to its opposite.
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