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How to Find 5 Other Trigonometric Ratios if Given One -Trigonometry Math – Part 4

Learn Trigonometry Math – Learn to find 5 other trigonometric ratios if given one using Pythagoras theorem. We need to know first all the trigonometric ratios and their relationships.
To find 5 other trigonometric ratios if we know one then first use the given ratios on a right angles triangle. Separate the hypotenuse, Base and Perpendicular. One will left To find that side use Pythagoras theorem i.e. H square = P square + B square .
By applying Pythagoras theorem now you can easily calculate all the rest 5 trigonometric ratios like trigonometric ratios Sine, Trigonometric ratios “cos”, trigonometric ratios “Tan”, Trigonometric ratio “Cot”, trigonometric ratio Sec, trigonometric ratios Co sec.
Now put their ratios properly and get all the required trigonometric ratios by the question. .
This videos show ” how to find out the 5 other ‘trigonometric Ratios’ if we are given one !

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